“Accept yourself for having trouble accepting yourself. Life is set up to make it hard for people to accept their weaknesses and imperfections” -Mira Kirshenbaum #acceptance #strength #weaknesses #imperfections #perfect #selfcare

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We all have flaws.  Sometimes certain ones stand out more than others and can be hard to accept.  We may continue to put ourselves down in our head with our self-talk, some of us let this negative talk in our minds consume us and debilitate us from being who we want to be in the first place.  Kindness matters, no one likes a bully anyways. Imperfections can contain their own type of beauty.  For example, I recently bought my daughter a decorated cupcake.  She picked the one that had a little splotch of paint on the top and said “see mommy, they painted it.”  The other cupcakes were “perfect,” with no splotches at all, but my daughter picked the one that showed an artist was there.  That pastry artist may have been beating herself up for that one little splotch after decorating the 20 something cupcakes in that case (that all probably tasted just as good).  I see the little splotch representing hard work, patience and artistry to make a tiny 2 inch snowman on the cupcake.

This week, be kind to yourself and understand that imperfections make you who you are and also make you interesting inside and out.  What “paint splotches” do you have and what strengths do they represent for you?  We all have our own “stuff” that builds our character and helps connect us to others.  As you learn to accept your weaknesses and find the strength in them, help others do the same.  We can all use some strength and kindness every day.