“Any relationship is under the control of the person who cares the least”-Gordon Livingston #relationships #energy #boundaries

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This quote has affected me personally over time with people I thought were friends and even some family members.  It took awhile to realize how much of my time and energy was going to people who clearly were sending me messages that they didn’t care at the same level I did about our relationship, these people are typically “takers,” not “givers.”  Most of us probably have at least 1 person that fits this description in our lives.  These people may cancel plans habitually last minute, take long periods of time to call back, want to talk about themselves most of the time and only do things if it’s to their advantage.  Once I began to set boundaries within these clearly toxic relationships in my life, it was interesting how even though I had limited to no contact with these people, they still took up a lot of my headspace.  It took awhile to become aware of how much of my thinking they occupied and believe me, it was surprising!

The challenge this week is that if you have these people in your life, how can you set a boundary with them through communication or even if they are no longer in your life, focusing on what really matters in your headspace? This is opposed to giving them your energy when clearly they are not thinking or caring about you.  This will take time and patience, but you are entitled to put that energy back into what matters, I believe in you!