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“In real life, I’ve found that progress lives in small and seemingly uneventful accomplishments”-Lauren Graham #meaning #laurengraham #progress #moments #mindfulness #awareness #mentalhealth #selfcare #goals #waves #accomplishment

Posted on Oct 8, 2018

Dreams and goals all seem like such wonderful things, until you realize what you have to do to reach them.  It’s like wanting to become a pop star and when you show up to audition for a reality singing show with 4000 people  and realize you are singing not in front of judges on tv, but some random person…it’s a downer for sure!  Real progress often comes in small steps, disguised with great meaning underneath.  Maybe you want to eat better and so you get the burger, but instead of fries you opt for a vegetable, that’s a small step, however if you did that 1 meal a day...

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“What’s more important is not what you do but what you decide not to do”-Michael Lazerow #motivation #decision #michaellazerow #boundaries #selfcare #mindfulness #choices #noguilt #permission

Posted on Oct 1, 2018

September often brings the start of many things…birthdays, festivals, holiday beginnings, back to school (parents, teachers and kids)…it’s a lot.  Calendars fill up fast with little time to engage in meaningful downtime.  Before you get tangled in holiday lights and adorn your fridge with invitations, take a step back.  Of all these things, what do you really want to do?  I bet not everything is speaking loudly and in fact some things you may feel like you “have to” go.  Well, today I’m giving you permission to say “no!” to something so that...

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“Everything is messier than you expect it to be unless you expect it to get messy”-Sal Khan #motivation #goals #expectations #mentalhealth #selfcare #anxiety #messy #resilience #overcome #resources #support

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

Life is full of messes and that’s what I believe makes life special.  Think about it-if everything went perfectly all the time, life would become a bore.  If the shows we watched on TV never had conflict and had a happy ending every episode, it would be guaranteed to get cancelled.  The best shows have a cliff-hanger of conflict at the end to keep you motivated to watch it, reflect about what happened, what you think will happen and then you are anxiously waiting for the next episode to air. In real life, we tend to set unrealistic expectations that things will happen without a hitch...

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“Every day may not be good…but there’s something good in every day”-Anonymous #grateful #motivation #positive #selfcare #mentalhealth #goodday #perspective #selfawareness #mindfulness #reflection

Posted on Sep 17, 2018

Some days are good and some not so much.  When there’s negativity in our life, it usually outshines the positive and creates a cycle of irritability and pessimism.  It can seem like your world is spiraling out of control or that a dark cloud is hovering over you, but I’m here to tell you there is hope!  Perspective and reflection are key to finding the good in your day. The Blogspiration challenge this week is to find something good in every day.  It may be as simple as that you showed up to work on time, telling someone you love them, eating healthy or being thankful for the...

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“There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less”-Kurt Hahn #dreams #habits #motivation #monday #mentalhealth #routines #smallsteps #selfcare

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

It’s easy to get stuck in our every day routines, yet we may find ourselves dreaming of doing something bigger, more challenging or fulfilling in our lives.  Then it’s easy to get stuck believing those dreams are unattainable and continue to not act towards them thinking our ideas may be silly and invaluable.  You are capable of being and doing more than you think! The Blogspiration challenge this week is to not settle for your daily routine or unhealthy habits.  Make 1 change each day this week to add value to your life in a small, yet meaningful way.  I promise you that no...

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Happy Labor Day! Importance of self-care and mindful events coming up…

Posted on Sep 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day! Our weekly Blogspiration will be back online next week. In the meantime… The Peace in Progress Mindful Event Series is Back for Fall 2018! Adult Program: Download our Flyer to Share and Send All events take place in our Toms River office.  Ages 13+. The cost is $35 and includes light snacks, all supplies and mindful techniques by a licensed therapist. Bring a friend! Make a Zen Garden: Create your very own zen garden and learn about what you choose to put in your garden means about your personality. Friday September 28th at 7pm: Register Here Color Me Mindful: Engage...

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“Recovery is something that you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off”-Demi Lovato #demilovato #recovery #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #selfcare #selftalk #mindfulness #awareness #habits

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

It’s easy to look at this quote and think of someone recovering from substance abuse, but recovery runs in many places…eating disorders, health issues, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, workaholics, anger issues, communication issues, changing habits, forgiveness, grief etc.  No matter what you are recovering from in your life, there is work to do every day in daily changes. The Blogspiration challenge this week is to help yourself or reach out to someone else who is in a recovery place and help them in any way you can, even if it’s just providing words of encouragement. ...

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“if you are waiting for a sign, this is it!”-Anonymous #selfcare #inspiration #motivation #goals #excuses #responsibility #opportunity #action #choices #signs

Posted on Aug 20, 2018

I love this quote so much that it is in our Howell office waiting area. It pretty much speaks for itself…it’s so easy to make excuses to avoid time for ourselves or to take a step towards our goals.  This Blogsipration is your sign!  This is it! The challenge this week is to pick any one goal you want to work on.  Summer is the most common time to make excuses not to reach our goals, so this is more motivation to get back on track.  What is 1 thing you can do tomorrow to work towards a goal?  Perhaps it’s going for a walk to get in better shape, read a chapter in a book or...

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“Stop a moment, cease your work, look around you”-Leo Tolstoy #mindfulness #awareness #selfcare #perspective #patience #mentalhealth #anxiety #moments #digitaldetox #anxiety #depression #priorities #focus #recovery

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

This quote is so simple, yet extremely powerful in the digital world we live in.  Most of the time, our heads are down, looking at screens for work, organization, communication or entertainment.  All of these little moments on our phones, computers and gaming devices add up to hours and days lost of our lives even though we are in a constant state of “I don’t have time!” This quote is not about time management.  The challenge this week is about lifting your head up once in a while and take notice of what is happening around you, how you feel, the pace of your breath, etc. ...

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“Don’t ask why someone keeps hurting you, ask why you keep letting them” – Karen Salmansohn #mentalhealth #selfcare #choice #relationships #hurt #mindfulness #energy #anxiety #awareness #change #motivation #resilience

Posted on Aug 6, 2018

We are only human…and what that means is that we gravitate towards others and feel lonely in isolation.  When someone hurts us, it’s easy to over think, get stuck on what was said and let it affect you personally, emotionally, etc.  When people hurt us, we always play a part even if we are just the audience.  Ultimately we have a choice…we can choose to change our perspective and become more resilient, we can be assertive and let this person know we are being hurt or we can be creative and find another way to attempt to work through or leave a hurtful situation. The...

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