“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”-Plato

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Social media has taken over in impactful ways when we reflect upon this quote.  Our connections to each other are stronger and more immediate with it.  However, there is also a lack of intimacy and a false representation of what we are genuinely experiencing in our lives most of the time.  Some look at people they know and think “they are happy, what am I doing wrong?”

You never know what people are going through in their lives, especially behind happy faces, embellished social profiles, successful careers and material possessions.  Clients I have seen over the years repeat the same starting statement, “People don’t know…” that I’m depressed, leaving my wife, at my breaking point, battling cancer and the list goes on.  The reality is, there shouldn’t need to be a circumstance or sympathetic exchange for altruism to be present in our relationships.  Everyone we meet is experiencing life in their own way, coping how they know or learning how to cope better.  However large or small the battle, kindness goes a long way in the sense that as human beings, we yearn to connect to one another.  The challenge this week is to find ways to bring back empathy, altruism and kindness.  By giving another this experience, it will encourage and teach them to respond the same…we all make a difference in each other’s lives.