“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”-Oprah Winfrey #thankful #grateful #mindfulness #positivity #selfcare #motivation #goodvibes #Thanksgiving

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This week is about wearing sweats so we can stuff as much turkey lathered in an unreasonably amount of gravy into our stomachs…and also coming together to pledge thankfulness to one another.  As a society, we are told every day through the media that we do not have enough, that we need more…and so sometimes that bleeds into our personal lives where relationships, the stuff we have, everything becomes not enough. A large component to this is also time…we don’t feel like we are working enough, spending time with family enough, exercising enough, meditating enough…and the list goes on!

The blogspiration challenge this week is to allow whatever you do and whatever you have to be enough.  Maybe you walked, but didn’t get a 30 min hardcore workout-it’s enough.  Maybe you burnt half of your Thanksgiving rolls and still have half left-it’s enough.  Maybe you meditated in your car for 2 minutes at the atm drive thru-it’s enough.  If you look at what and who is around you, you may be surprised that you have all you need to live happily and foster meaningful moments.  If you look around and believe you have nothing, there will be a constant struggle to keep pushing yourself, mostly into negative feelings of never having enough, always wanting more and not enjoying what you have. You are enough and you are all you need!

Happy Thanksgiving from Life Prep Counseling, enjoy the moments this week provides!