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“It’s not what they take away from you that counts. It’s what you do with what you have left”-Hubert Humphrey #grateful #gratitude #littlethings #mentalhealth #mindful #mindset #thankful #crafty #resourceful

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We can be grateful for what we have…

Whether it’s making dinner with the bare bones in your pantry, using an old shoe box for a school project or counting your blessings on a crappy day: Remember this quote when it “feels” like there is nothing and see what you can use around you to make something!

Since it’s getting colder I’ll give you an example I did at home with my family last year that was a success.  School was closed, it was a snow day and the power went out for an hour.  I was in the middle of doing laundry and decided to roll socks into balls for an impromptu snow ball fight.  It was so good, we didn’t even notice when the power came back on!

This week be creative, see what you have and what you can do with it.  Be grateful that even in moments where it seems like resources are sparse, there is more to be found with a little love and imagination.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”-Robert Brault #gratitude #mentalhealth #mindful #mindset #thankful #littlethings #grateful

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The month of gratitude continues…this week the challenge is to savor and bring forth gratefulness in those everyday moments. Maybe it’s hugging your child, your friend sending you a positive text when you need one, or that moment at the end of the day when you put on your pajamas.  Whatever it is, breathe it in, smile and enjoy it!  It really is the little things that can provide you with the most positivity, hope and gratitude.

“Looking closely at what was already right and how to make it even better did not enter my mind”-Martin Seligman @MartinEPSeligman #thankful #gratitude #mindful #mindset #mentalhealth

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This month’s theme is gratitude, being that this is the month of Thanksgiving, I couldn’t resist!

I find through talking with clients, there is lens to look closely at what is wrong, so much so when I ask “well, what’s going right or good for you now?” they look at me like they just saw a ghost.  It’s typical for people to complain and dwell on what’s wrong, so let’s change that and focus on what is working!

The challenge this week is to find 1 thing going right for you and list 3 ways you can elevate it and make it better.  Maybe you are looking for a job and had 1 interview!  How can you get 3 more?

  1. Send linked-in requests for informational interviews based on companies with open positions
  2. Apply to 2 or more job postings a day
  3. Send thank you email to your last interview and reiterate your interest in the position

Your turn, go!

“Who would you be if you were already enough?”-Anonymous #courage #mentalhealth #enough #anxiety #depression

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To end the month I am using what I feel is a powerful quote for anyone.  Instead of striving to work on our flaws, what would be different in your life if you accepted who you are and instead focused on growing from there?  These days, it’s easy to get trapped into comparison to others…better hair, better makeup, bigger muscles, bigger house, etc.  What if what you have is simply enough?

Use this week to reflect on the times you find yourself focusing on what you don’t have and flip the script to focus on what you DO have.  This takes courage, focus and self-love.  I know you have what it takes!  Let’s say it together…I. Am. Enough.

“The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves”-Richard Bach #courage #mentalhealth #lies #anxiety #depression

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It takes courage to face our own lies.  Before you leave this page, read on because there are a lot of lies out there surrounding what will lead us to happiness.  For example, here are real common lies I hear in therapy all the time:

-“If I lose weight I will be happy”…and then people lose the weight and find themselves in the same mind.

-“If I get this raise I will be happy”…and the raise comes and next year they want another.

-“If I buy this ____, I will be happy”…and the thing is bought and lives are the same or they want the next thing.

Maybe you don’t have these lies in your head, but other ones.  The challenge is to catch these lies this week.  The truth is, you don’t have to wait for anything to find happiness.  Perhaps you can start finding happiness the moment you catch these lies and instead accept where you are at or find some joy in the moment.  The choice is yours.  🙂

“By giving something up, we may gain”-Gretchin Rubin @gretchenrubin #courage, #mentalhealth #boundaries

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Our society tends to push how much we can do to be successful, but in a world that is discovering minimalism, the other extreme-we can now see both sides.  For those who fall into the “average” category you probably aren’t taking on 20 new projects to boost your sales into the millions or limiting yourself to only 3 pairs of jeans in your dresser.  So what can the average person give up so they may gain?

The challenge this week is to figure that out!  What can you find the courage this week to give up so you may gain something?  Maybe it’s giving up some PTO time for a mental health day.  Maybe it’s giving up the birthday party so you can do something for your self-care.  Maybe it’s not answering your father’s e-mail today so you don’t have to worry about his response.  Whatever it is, I hope you find that by giving up something small, it gives you the courage to focus on you, your  self-care, your time, your hobbies, and ultimately a moment of happiness!  Good luck!

“Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. It shows you have the courage to admit when you don’t know something, and then allows you to learn something new”-Barack Obama #mentalhealth #askforhelp #anxiety #strength

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The theme for October is “courage.” I think we can all use courage in our lives, especially when we are struggling and are so overwhelmed we aren’t sure what to do next. Of course this can relate to our mental health and reaching out to a therapist when we need it, but I want to look at this more broadly so it can apply to our every day…

The challenge this week is to recognize an area of weakness in your life and find the strength to ask for help in that area. For example, it could be small like having your kids learn to do their own laundry or help set the table. It could be asking your neighbor to watch your pets while you travel for work because you don’t have the money for a dog walker. It could be asking a friend to bother you about going to the gym so you actually go. Whatever it is, remember you have the courage within to ask for help, no matter how small a task. I hope through this challenge you do learn something new…that asking for help although it can be scary, can teach you that when you have a little help, it can go a long way!

“Open minds lead with open hearts”-Amy Nolan #creativity #mentalhealth #choice #mindfulness #anxiety #depression #outlook

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Here we are already, at the end of the month.  I hope you have found some great tools in building your creativity within your mental health this month through each weekly challenge.

This quote to end of off the month is from yours truly.  If we want to open our minds, become mindful of our feelings, words and actions we need to connect to our hearts through recognizing what we value most.  My send off challenge as we end September is to change one negative thought you have into a positive one that relates to something you value in your heart.

For example, if your friend cancels on your coffee date and you think “I can’t believe they canceled on me!”-because you value commitment, let’s change that to something like “It’s ok, now I can use that time to commit to spending more time on…..(myself,  a project, my family, etc.).  I’ll wait for them to contact me to reschedule when they can.”…it’s amazing how changing one thought could change a whole outlook on your day!

Want a bigger challenge?…Do this once a day for the entire week and write it down.  You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself from this small exercise…one thought at a time!

“Innovation means saying no to a thousand things”-Steve Jobs #creativity #mentalhealth #innovation #sayno #boundaries #selfcare #anxiety #mindfulness #reactive #choice

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I think mid-month here with our creativity theme in mental health, this quote sums it all up for us.  How can we be creative in building the lives we want when a thousand other things are going on?

The answer is, we can’t!  We all have the same 168 hours in a week, so we need to be creative in how we want to spend our time.  So if you don’t really want to see your mother in law this weekend because you need to relax after a 60hr work week, say “no” politely and take that time you need to recharge!

In these days of constant bings and vibrations from smartphones, I challenge you to say “no” to something this week so you can give yourself that moment back.  Be creative…turn all sound notifications off on your phone on your lunch break so you can actually eat.  Or take off your smart swatch and leave it in the car while you head to the beach.  Don’t go to 2 parties in one day, pick 1 (or none) so you can go do something you’ve been meaning to get to.  *

*People who do challenges like this, particularly with their smartphone find themselves reaching for their phone even if all notifications are off, or they hear fantom vibrations.  If this happens to you, reflect on how reactive you are and the affect this technology has on you.

“When you choose to enjoy the process, your happiness is no longer reliant upon an outcome”-Yehuda Berg #creativity #happiness #mentalhealth #mindfulness #goals #choice

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Often we believe we do not have a choice in how we think of something, but you always have a choice and that is the beauty of the mind!

Keeping with our theme of creativity, in those moments this week where you feel like you are doing something you do not like in order to get to an outcome (such as working out to lose 5lbs maybe), work on what you can do to make the process more enjoyable in your mind so you aren’t depending on the result.

So if you are on the treadmill and you tell yourself “I hate this” over and over then you most likely will not want to do it again and it will feel like the clock is going backwards.  However, maybe you put on a show that you watch while you walk, call a friend or listen to your favorite playlist…perhaps you’ll start enjoying walking and it will make getting to those results much more enjoyable!  Be creative and find any joy you can in whatever process you choose this week to work on.  🙂