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“My life has great characters; I just haven’t figured out the plot”-Ashleigh Brilliant #mentalhealth #selfcare #relationships #awareness #mindfulness #friendships #life #positiveenergy #value

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We have people in our lives that we feel we cannot live without…and then there are others who we dread seeing at family functions or purposely avoid by taking a different path to the break room at work.  Sometimes you may have enough drama in your life that you wonder if your life could be written into a sitcom because situations just seem unreal, strange or mostly laughable.  The good news is that for the most part, you are the author of your life and decide who gets to be a character in it and what role they play.

The challenge this week is to start thinking about who adds value to your life and who doesn’t.  The ones who add value, let them know and give them the time they deserve.  Those that seem to only add frustration, let’s give them minor roles in your life and see where we can start to remove them…for example if you are angry at a coworker and can’t stop thinking about how they botched up a presentation this morning…think about someone or something else positive.  You are giving them a starring role by giving them space in your head!  Who you let into your story and the role they play can greatly impact your wellbeing.  Build awareness of who is draining you versus who is bringing you sunshine and let’s bring more joy into this chapter of your life.

“Comfort is popular, but courage changes lives”-John O’Leary #mentalhealth #courage #change #positiveenergy #mindfulness #selfcare #purpose #goals #dreams #results #comfort

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Each one of us have innate tendencies and behaviors that seem to continuously happen with the expectation of a different result. For example, you are working in retail and believe your life would be better if you were a nurse working 4 days on and 3 days off…except you’ve now been in retail for 12 years and have not enrolled in nursing school.  Perhaps you are dreaming of losing 5 pounds at the same time you are thoroughly enjoying the comfort of your cheeseburger after sitting at a desk for 9 hours today.

Whatever it is, our Blogspiration this week wants you to take 1 risk outside of your comfort zone and see what happens.  It can be something small like saying hello to someone while walking your dog when usually you speak to no one.  It could be driving a different route to work or walking while talking on the phone instead of sitting down.  Although this challenge might seem small, if you accomplish it-what’s next?  The limits are endless as your courage and confidence grow outside your comfort zone and into making your dreams a more approachable reality.

“Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts are not to bother about”-Robert Lynd #choice #facts #knowledge #mentalhealth #priorities #selfcare #needs #anxiety #power #mindfulness #relationships #digitaldetox #simplelife #drama

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This quote applies to 2 areas I see that distract us from our priorities:  First is technology and social media being that information comes to us faster and more often than ever before.  The second is conversations and relational drama whether weaved through work or our personal lives.  These distractions keep us from our priorities in many ways.  Think of each like a wormhole.  For example, you wanted to give yourself an hour to read at night, but found yourself caught in the web of social media, commenting on pictures, scrolling through memes and then you look at the clock and that hour is gone leaving your with frustration that once again there was no time for yourself.  Second example is that you are manager at work with a deadline in 2 hours, but your employees have decided to bring you the drama about a peer that is coming in late and constantly on the phone taking personal calls.

The challenge this week is to right now write down your 2 priorities to complete this week.  Maybe it’s to walk for 20 minutes or to check all of your work e-mails.  Once it’s written, put it somewhere you are the most to remind you (you can make a code name for your priorities if you don’t want others to know).  When you find yourself bothering with things or conversations that are distracting from those priorities, make the choice to stop, excuse yourself or postpone what’s happening to refocus on what you want.  Let’s minimize the noise so you focus on your goals.  There are always many opportunities to work on this, but remember that you are in control of the moment, seize it wisely!

“You become what you surround yourself with. Energies are contagious. Choose carefully. Your environment will become you”-Anonymous #mentalhealth #relationships #energy #energies #positivity #goodvibes #selfcare #mindfulness

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Did you ever notice that in particular places or with particular people you feel amazing and other times with other people, in other places you feel miserable?  Where you are and who you are with can make a huge difference to your well being.  Before you buy a house in Tahiti and quit your job because it has white walls, let’s take a step back to get some perspective…

The challenge this week is to take notice when you feel your energy shift into the negative or positive.  Where are you?  What is happening around you?  Who are you with?  How do you feel?  Now take that information and focus on the positive aspects…how can you get more of those in your life?  Some ideas maybe limiting time with people who drain your energy, hanging up pictures of the positive people in your cubicle at work, driving a different route that is more scenic or playing music while cooking dinner if you find that music helps bring you some positive energy.  Sometimes we cannot escape negative environments, but we can bring our own positive energy in through little ways.  I hope you make some positive choices this week that bring about a new energy in the places you need it most!

“Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are”-Unknown #mindfulness #judgement #judging #awareness #motivation #relationships #kindness #nice #impression #connection

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Each of us has a story that is filled with struggle, strength and definition.  Sometimes we are quick to judge others before we get a chance to know them, their story and their reasons.  Do you tend to judge people?  Perhaps this may just be a habit that you’ve had for years.  The extreme of this may be popping into your head of someone you know who loves gossip, loves to complain and typically makes first judgements.

The challenge this week is going to be to become aware of when you are judging a person or even a situation before you have the story, the facts, etc.  What feelings come up for you?  Where do you think these ideas come from?  Then allow yourself to let that judgement go and instead try to get to know people and the facts before more judgement comes up.  I hope this exercise helps you connect to others and disconnect from judgement this week.  Get curious, ask questions and build positive relationships!

“You can’t steal second and keep one foot on first base”-Adam Grant #goals #complaining #motivation #inspiration #action #thoughts #positive #courage #strength #selfcare

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We are full of goals and aspirations.  We want to lose weight, eat better, have more me-time, be promoted at work, keep a great relationship going, etc….and then….we hear crickets and wonder why nothing is happening.  Although it seems simple, reaching goals takes time and most of all: effort.

Rather than wishing your goals were met already.  Imagine you standing on first base and you can see your goal on second.  Here’s the easy part…imagine how you will feel and what your life will be like when you get to that goal on second base.  Pretty sweet huh?  Here comes the hard part…now imagine each step you will need to take to get to 2nd base.  What do you need to do at each step?  I recommend putting the more intensive steps first just like if you were actually running, those first steps determine the speed and intensity of the following steps.  This also makes the last steps easier at the end.  Write these steps down if you prefer and if you can, attach dates to help yourself be accountable for each step.

I see you getting to that goal sooner and faster now than ever before, go for it!

“There are only 2 days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday & the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live”-Dalai Lama #mindfulness #anxiety #selfcare #mentalhealth

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Unless you are dreaming of reaching your goals in the future or thinking of a happy memory of the past, chances are the past and future won’t get you anywhere positive.  Our minds tend to dwell in the past and in the future with a negative flare.  In both places, there can be negative thoughts, worry, rumination and self-doubt, who wants that?!

The challenge this week is to notice your thoughts, are they in the past?…”I was so stupid when I said that!” or in the future?…”I’m never going to pass this test, I will fail!” Then focus those thoughts into the present without letting them spiral back to the past or forward to the future.  For example with the past, “I was so stupid when I said that” can become “That probably wasn’t the best thing to say, right now there’s nothing I can do accept be more mindful next conversation.” For example with the future, “I’m never going to pass this test, I will fail!” to “I have been studying hard, so all I can do is try my best and wait for the results, right now I have no idea what my score will be.”  Notice how each thought has an ending instead of spiraling back to the past or forward to the future.  This is hard to master, however once bringing your thoughts to the present becomes a habit, I am confident that’s where you’ll find a happier you!

“If you can see the path laid out before you, it is not yours”-Joseph Campbell #journey #mentalhealth #goals #motivation #selfcare #individuality #determination #anxiety #challenge #media #influence #inspiration

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We are prone to looking for answers or a way to reach our goals.  Often we look to what others have done to reach theirs, however individual circumstances and conditions can sometimes blind us from moving forward in the best way that works for us.  For example, people may go on the same diet and expect the same results, so when the same results do not happen, it’s easy to get frustrated without considering genetics, metabolism, lifestyle, stress levels, etc.  There are so many messages out there that tell us what to do to be happy, to be healthy, to get organized…

The challenge this week is to ignore those messages, which is definitely a challenge being that they are online, on magazine covers, radio ads, TV, basically everywhere we go.  Pick a goal for yourself this week and decide 1 thing you are going to do daily for the week to get closer to that goal.  Make a choice that works for you, that is designed by you and your life.  I have a sense that you have all you need to accomplish what you want this week.  Go for it!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”-Helen Keller #support #selfcare #goals #mindfulness #priority #together #accomplish #courage #strength

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Certain tasks whether caring for children, getting to the gym or tasks at work can certainly seem daunting at times, especially when things pile up and time to yourself seems less and less.  We’ve all heard before Rome wasn’t built in a day, the pyramids weren’t either…not only did it take time to build massive cities and monuments, but it also took a lot of people!

The challenge this week is to figure out a challenge in your life and ask for help, no matter how big or small.  Maybe it’s getting a babysitter to have some me time, asking a partner to help with the dishes, maybe it’s a friend to help you get to the gym or it could be a colleague helping you out with some task at work.  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is most definitely a sign of strength and courage to realize you may be struggling and then be able to use your resources to reach out and get it done.

So ask for help this week and then hopefully you’ll have some more time for you or just less anxiety in your mind.  Relish in the moment when you can take a deep breath and the task is complete!

“Don’t complain about what you allow”-Jeff Olson #slightedge #courage #boundaries #selfcare #stopblame #noexcuses #mentalhealth #complaining #strength #springcleaning

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We have made it to spring and with that may come some spring cleaning where I  like to look at what we can clean up on the inside.  One of those things are complaints…complaining is negative energy whether from within or that we may hear from the outside far too often. Some of us may allow others to keep complaining to us even though we may not want to hear it!  What else do you complain about that you allow?  For example, complaining about a friend texting you past 10pm however you allow it by continuing to respond. Complaining about not exercising, but allowing yourself to sit on the couch. Complaining how your friend flakes out on getting together with you, however you allow yourself to keep planning potential dates.

The blogspiration challenge this week is to be aware when you hear yourself complaining about something.  Is there anything in there you are allowing?  How can you begin to not allow it?  Is there something you can do, like setting do not disturb on your phone at 10pm so you don’t get those messages until morning or asking your friend to reserve texts prior to 10pm for example?  Leave the negative complaints in your life and give yourself the gift of positive energy to have courage and stop allowing the negative cycles to repeat.