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“Arguing with reality is like being ticked off at your dog for not being able to do your taxes”-Anonymous #reality #mindfulness #selfcare #calm #empowerment #positivity #awareness #possibility #opportunity #hero

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This quote definitely had me laughing.  When we think of being mindful, often we picture a monk in robes, sitting on a rock cliff overlooking the ocean, at sunset, clearly at peace and meditating…but let’s be real, that’s probably not our reality!  Sometimes (or to some it may feel like all the time) life happens, full force and we feel the wind get knocked out of us and in comes whatever negative feelings that arise.  The challenge this week is to be aware of your complaints…and make them your mission!

Here’s how…

-Notice your feelings in the moment and thoughts and how they are affecting you, probably not for the better…this is being mindful, you got this!

-Ask yourself what opportunities or possibilities are there from this experience?

-If you are the hero of your story, what can you do next?

-Is there a message in the mess?

Bottom line, is when reality strikes, we have to look at what is there and accept it.  Accepting doesn’t mean just sitting back.  Accepting can be empowering yourself through understanding what role you play.  Be your hero, learn from mistakes, find meaning in your reality and make it good!

“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds”-Anonymous #thoughts #positive #thinking #spring #mindfulness #awareness #energy #mentalhealth #positivity #revival

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We will keep up with our spring theming with this week’s Blogspiration to keep some sunshine in our minds even though there may be frost on the ground…Some of us may not have a green thumb when it comes to plants, so it may be hard to imagine anything growing from a seed, but let’s try anyways:

This week the challenge is to either bring into your awareness if your thoughts are positive or negative.  It may be a bonus to also write down these thoughts so you can have a visual of what is happening in your mind.  If you notice a negative thought, come up with a way to revive it as a  positive thought…

Example 1: “I am so mad the kids gave me a hard time this morning and I was late for work!” to “Hmm, this seems to happen often, maybe I can try to get up a half hour earlier so we leave on time rather than a half hour late, I’m taking back control.”

Example 2: “I hate dealing with customer complaints, that guy ruined my day and was such a jerk!” to “That was tough, however I am proud of myself for handling difficult people the best I could, this is definitely something I can continue working on!”

Please be kind to yourself, even if you have trouble starting to revive your thoughts positively, just noticing if they are positive or negative is a huge accomplishment.  Go reward yourself for taking control of those negative thoughts and bring in the sunshine for growth and positivity!

“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, & transformation in our lives”-Mary Ann Brussat #transformation #mindfulness #change #growth #selfcare #goals #positivity #nature #renewal

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This early spring weather is a reminder that growth and renewal are a constant process of what makes us human.  As we watch early buds push up from the ground through the fallen leaves, we are reminded that strength and energy are needed to transform-whether it’s making a change for your health, your relationships or another area in your life.

The mental health challenge this week is to embrace this weather and give the gift of fresh air to yourself.  There have been many studies in the past few years that show being outside has a positive impact on health and wellness.  Put down your cell phone or turn it completely off and take a walk, sit outside, read outside, etc. even if only for 10 minutes.  Being in nature naturally clears our minds, gives us ideas and ultimately gives us hope for continued growth and transformation in becoming the person we want to be.  Enjoy that fresh air and fresh perspective, you deserve it!

“The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials”-Lin Yutang #essentialism #mindfulness #minimialism #mentalhealth #declutter #anxiety #selfcare #zen #habits

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Life can sometimes feel like a mess.  Our minds can be filled with clutter, our relationships, our cars, our homes…everything!  This time of year, usually finds people de-cluttering their homes so I would like to help you de-clutter with the Blogspiration this week with the following challenges (pick 1 or all, the choice & challenge is yours to choose)…

  1. This week, grab a box and take 30 minutes of your time and pick one room in your house to start.  Go through the room and locate any items that you have not actively used in the past 6 months and do not plan to use in the next 3.  When ready, place those items in the box to bring to your local donation store.  Repeat this whenever you get a chance room by room or even starting with 1 closet, your car or someplace small like a drawer.
  2. Next, I would like you to take 10 minutes one morning and make a to-do list.  Now cross off the things that you can put off until tomorrow or another day. Next cross off the things that you feel you have to do, but could delegate to someone else (like taking out the garbage when your 12yr old can do that).  Will what’s left on your list produce immediate consequences if not done today?-if not cross of your list for another day.  Now what’s left?  Hopefully we minimized your list and in turn minimized any anxious feelings 🙂
  3. Take 5 minutes and write down the 1st 5 thoughts in your brain.  Next, put a start next to the thoughts that bring you happiness.  Put an X next to the thoughts that bring up negative thoughts.  Remind yourself that you are in control of your thoughts.  If there is nothing you can do about the negative ones, cross them off one by one, take a deep breathe and release them so you only have room for the positive ones and keep those positive ones on repeat!

Once a task is complete, take 1 minute to congratulate yourself on creating some space in your life!  Psychological research tells us that clutter can induce anxiety and restless feelings.  Start minimizing the clutter in your life and repeat this exercise as needed.  You could do all 3 in less than an hour if you have the time.  Happy Life Decluttering!

“Do small things with great love”-Mother Teresa #valentinesday #love #kindness #mindfulness #mindful #mentalhealth #relationships #positivethinking #optimism

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Being that Valentine’s Day is this week I wanted to choose a quote not focused on romantic love, but focused on a larger concept…love in acts of kindness.  These days, and unfortunately, when I experience an act of kindness I find myself being taken aback and thinking “oh wow, did someone just opened the door for me?!”  I find the same in reverse as I see the look of shock on someone’s face when I pick up something they dropped for example.  No matter how small an act of kindness is, the impact is huge for both the giver and receiver.

This week, the blogspiration challenge is to present someone in your life with an act of kindness each day this week.  It could be something as simple as opening a door, sending an “I’m thinking of you” text, to making someone a cup of coffee.  We all have stuff that we are working through in life, relationship drama and other difficulties.  Let someone else know that you get it by helping them in some small way. Love is more than a romantic relationship, it is the simple joys from creating an instant connection with anyone through the little things that make life easier.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

“You are not your feelings”-Amy Nolan #feelings #mentalhealth #anxiety #mindfulness #selfcare #selftalk #positivethinking #communication

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So many times I hear “I am angry,” “I am anxious,” “I am depressed.”  I constantly reframe these phrases for clients to “I feel angry,” “I feel anxious,” etc.  Your feelings do not define you.  You are a person with many strengths, so when we talk to ourselves in this way of defining ourselves by what we feel, we are creating limitations for ourselves based on our perception of those feelings.  For example with “I am depressed” could turn into “well since I am depressed, that means I’m not going to get out of bed.”  We can change this thought using another example such as, “I feel depressed right now, however I know when I get out of bed and get moving, I will start to feel less depressed.”

The challenge this week is to be mindful of not defining yourself by your feelings, especially outside of your headspace when you are communicating how you feel to others.  Remind yourself that you may feel this way, but your feelings do not control you or define you.  I think you’ll feel the difference when you begin to separate yourself from the control your emotions may have on you.  Good luck!

“You can reinforce your desire for freedom by choosing freedom as often as possible”-Hale Dwoskin #freedom #choice #boundaries #selfcare #priorities #mindfulness #mentalhealth #live #relationships

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We can occasionally trap ourselves with feeling like we don’t have a choice in our own lives, particularly with things to do and people to see.  If you find yourself prioritizing other people or other things over yourself, it’s time to re-evaluate where your time goes.  Is this something you really want to do or someone you really want to see?  Right now? Can it wait? If you don’t really want to go to that birthday party, don’t!  If you need a break, put it on your calendar and take it.  This quote is for those of us who put others before ourselves so much that it burns us out. Those of us who say yes to every invitation so much that there’s no room left for anything else.  You may feel like you don’t deserve a break…well you do!

This week, give yourself the freedom of not scheduling something, taking something off your calendar,  or just taking a 15 minute break that would have been a phone call.  In other words, give yourself the choice of freedom rather than someone else making the choice for you or feeling like you have no choice at all.  If your choice involves saying “no” to someone and they are a meaningful person in your life, they will understand.  If they don’t…perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate how much time goes to that relationship.  Of course, there may be moments where you don’t have a choice like being a parent or an employee.  Begin to recognize the moments where you do have a choice.  Allow yourself the choice and freedom to be somewhere or surround yourself with others that you choose.  Be free!


“It’s never too late to start. It’s always too late to wait”-Jeff Olson #slightedge #goals #motivation #mentalhealth #procrastination #mindfulness #choices #blogspiration #change

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The month of January has come to an end…how are your resolutions or goals going?  Sometimes we get thrown off track because life happens. No worries!  You have the ability to re-start or start anytime.  We can be really hard on ourselves when it comes to making change or taking steps to reach a particular goal.  Pay attention to the negative self talk in your head.  Of course you aren’t going to listen to someone who doesn’t help you feel good about doing something!  Be nice!…”I can do this, I can make a small step.” It may never feel like it is a good time to start…but as the quote says, the longer you wait, the less likely what you want will happen.

So the blogspiration challenge this week is to pick 1 thing you’ve been meaning to do.  It doesn’t have to be a new year’s resolution, it can be something as simple as starting your laundry or calling your great aunt Helga.  Take one step and with that you will start to see that change and/goals are possible to reach!  Yes you can!

“It doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it. What matters is how many people do”-Timothy Ferris #selfcare #boundaries #support #mindfulness #mentalhealth #selfhelp #relationships #priority

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Who you surround yourself with matters.  Simply speaking, most of us have people in our lives who bring us up and bring us down.  Sometimes we need both of those people to give us varying perspectives within our lives. However, sometimes we don’t need the people who bring us down to sabotage our priorities, taking up our time, energy and positive outlook.  If you find yourself giving more than 50% of your energy to those who just “don’t get it,” or suck up your energy, it may be time to re-evaluate.

This week, our blogspiration challenge wants you to take note of who builds you up, inspires you and most of all that you look forward to spending time with whether by text, phone or in person.  Whoever those people are, let’s give them more time because in the end that means you are giving yourself more time to stay motivated, be yourself and build up your energy.  Everyone else? Start to set a boundary this week to limit your time with those who bring you down.  Rules usually help such as “Ok, I am going to give this conversation 5 minutes, if it’s still negative I will excuse myself.”  Give yourself the gift of positive relationships and let go of the ones that continue to drain you.  Positive vibes from positive people is coming your way!

“When I hit a wobbly spot on the journey, I seize the moment to make a recommitment”-Gay Hendricks #newyear #goals #motivation #selfcare #2018 #resolutions #mindfulness #mentalhealth #positive

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Happy New Year! 2018 is going to be great.  Whether you feel 2017 was subpar or that all your goals perhaps weren’t reached, this is a chance to recommit to yourself and what you would like to accomplish.  Goals may be as simple as getting more sleep, eating healthy to minimizing drama, stress or other anxieties you hold.

The journey to wellness often isn’t a straight line with a finish of cheers and confetti.  It is wobbly, a rollercoaster at times and ultimately awesome when you are feeling empowered to live the life you want.  When there are dips, remind yourself that you can recommit, reboot or start over right in that moment.  Find what you can learn from mistakes rather than letting them haunt you.  Keep your head up, use kind words to yourself and seize each moment as as another step on your path.  Every day of 2018 can be a step forward to becoming the person you want to be, one step at a time down the wobbly path of change.  You got this!