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“It’s not the amount of time you devote, but what you devote to the time that counts”-Anonymous #priorities #goals #selfcare #sayno #boundaries #should #want #mentalhealth #anxiety #energy

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Where does our time go?  Most of us feel like we have no time, however it’s interesting when you monitor your time and see where it goes…especially if your phone is telling you that 3 hours a day is spent on social media…it can be a shock.  Like the quote says, it’s “what” you devote the time to that counts, so how do you make it count?

A good way is to first think about where your time goes when you are not at school/work or someplace you need to be.  Are you doing things you “want to do” or feel you “should do?”  Are you parked in front of the TV when your real goal is to get 5,000 steps a day? Start questioning where your time and energy is going.  What am I doing now? Will this help me reach my goals? if not, you know what you need to do!

The reality is that there are many things in your control, you only have to choose what you want!  Of course this may not be easy at times…saying no and setting boundaries is hard, especially when they involve people.  However, when you are spending your time focused on something that brings you joy or helps you reach your goals, I think the guilt will fade and you will start choosing you more.  Positive results and feeling good with your decisions is right around the corner.  Go for it!

Confront the dark parts of yourself and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing-August Wilson #forgiveness #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression

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We can be our own worst enemies.  Our minds can sometimes beat us up with with ideas of perfection, traumatic memories and ideas of worthlessness, but not this week inner demons! This week we are going to forgive ourselves for that harsh inner self-talk and focus instead on reminding ourselves that we are doing some things right and are capable of doing so much more!

The blogspiration challenge this week is to say 1 nice thing to yourself each day…start right now!  It can be as simple as “I am awesome because I got all the kids to school on time!” or “I am rockin’ this dress today!” or “Woohoo, I did great at the gym for having to restart!”  The more kind you are to your inner self, the more you may actually start to believe it.  I believe in you!

“…life is neither a problem to be solved more a game to be won”-Timothy Ferris @tferriss #life #mentalhealth #mindfulness #happiness #stress #anxiety #depression #enjoylife #perspective

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As a society, people tend to be competitive.  Corporations are made up of “teams,” open work environments allow us to compare to our counterparts, reality competitions and sports are American past times.  Dramas and most movies are centered around some problem that needs to solved and most commercials are selling you a problem you didn’t know you had!

Constant comparison to others and attempting to “win” life is missing the point of living.  Marketing tells us we want to be like this person or have all these things, but competing and consumption often still leave people depressed, anxious and craving more. This week, notice when you are stuck on a problem or creating a competition in your head.  What would it be like not to have to solve a problem or compete with someone else? Change your perspective to start seeing life as something to enjoy with what you have and try to not be swayed otherwise by the messages around you (that’s the real competition!).

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” -Stephen Covey @StephenRCovey #decisions #mentalhealth #circumstances #control #values #anxiety #depression #selfcare #blame #accountability

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We all know someone who tends to victimize themselves instead of taking any responsibility for their choices.  For example, someone who blames a roommate for not being able to finish their studying due to loud music when they didn’t ask for the music to be turned down or neglected to leave for a quieter setting.  Or maybe it’s blaming the weather for not being able to go for a run when there is a dusty treadmill in the basement.  Some blame others, some blame circumstances, some blame themselves.

This week, notice when you are blaming others or circumstances.  Then, ask yourself what was really in your control.  Sure you can blame late time at work for spending money at a restaurant after, however when we think it through: in the time spent driving and waiting at the restaurant, there probably was plenty of time to cook dinner and save money!

Think about how your decisions affect your values as well.  If you don’t want to go to happy hour because you value your family time, make the decision not to go this week and see how you feel differently.  Take control where you can through your decisions and don’t let those circumstances get in your way!

“He wondered if he had bitten off more than he could chew. Then he laughed, realizing that he had nothing to chew on at the moment”-Spencer Johnson #anxiety #mindfulness #selfcare #selftalk #failure #worry #thoughts #motivation #positivity

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if your life feels frenzied and chaotic in the midst of working, taking care of yourself and others that depend on you.  It’s easy to be programmed when life is most chaotic to feel impending anxiety coming from all angles..always giving us more to worry about.  Sometimes we even worry about things that didn’t happen…sure they may happen, but they still didn’t.  That’s what this quote is about…on the extreme level, I call this “catastrophizing.”

Catastrophizing is when we’ve created a scenario in our minds like it already happened.  For example, in your self-talk you may say things like “I’ve failed the test!,” “I’m going to get fired!,” “He’s not going to call me back!,” “I’m never going to get healthy!”

The challenge this week is to catch these thoughts, then gently remind yourself that they didn’t happen yet.  Ask yourself what 3 things you can do now to prevent them from happening.  Keep reassuring yourself along the way…anxiety loves the “what ifs” so watch out!  Chances are that things aren’t as bad as you’ve made them in your head.  Just think of all the time and energy you can save to focus on other positive things once these thoughts are gone…

“Everything is created twice-first mentally, then physically”-Greg Anderson #visualization #motivation #mentalfitness #performance #creativity #mindfulness #mindset

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Studies from executives to athletes have proven that by visualizing something first, we are better able to perform our vision.  As we begin a new month of possibilities, what would you like to see happen this month?  What goals would you like to reach?  What would you like to do that brings you joy?

Take a moment and close your eyes.  Imagine yourself participating in one of these moments.

Next, do it again, but this time focus on the detail….what are you doing? how are you feeling? What are you wearing?, etc.

Keep doing this until you find yourself smiling at the thought and make a commitment to see this happen in reality.  The more you visualize it, the more you will gain confidence to make it happen.  It can be something small like cleaning your bathroom to crushing that presentation at work.  Dream it, take realistic steps and make it happen, February is your month to shine!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”-Anonymous #mentalhealth #goals #challenge #change #growth #motivation #inspiration #positivity #selfcare

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You guessed it!  This week’s Blogspiration is about challenging yourself.  In a past post, I wrote about how change happens with getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and this quote pairs perfectly with that idea.

Focus this week on your self-talk (what you say to yourself in your head)…hoping that you are firm in challenging yourself, but also kind enough with what you say.  Reaching goals sometimes requires small or big changes in our lives.  Change is hard.  Try visualizing yourself at the end of your goal to continue to challenge yourself to move towards it.  Staying motivated is one of the most difficult things.  Thanks for participating in our January Blogspiration theme for starting 2019 🙂

..stay tuned for more Blogspiration in February to optimize your self-awareness, maximize self-care and stay inspired to be the best you!

My life acquired a certain rhythm…feel the pulse and keep the beat-Jim Loehr #energy #positivity #mentalhealth #mindfulness #selfcare #goals #inspiration #motivationmonday

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Coming to the end of the month here and I hope the new year is still kicking off to a great start!

This week, our Blogspiration challenge is going to be about better understanding your energy in relation to our monthly theme of reaching new year goals.  For example, let’s say one goal is to workout 2 nights a week, however by the time you get home and settle at 8pm, you would much rather watch TV.  I get it, your energy is low, you’ve had a long day.   What this tells you is planning to work out 2 nights a week is probably not going to work.  Perhaps we modify how we achieve that goal by working out in the morning or during lunch instead.  We all have our own energy levels and work best in a certain rhythm…the challenge this week is to recognize what works for you and what you can do to make adjustments to get closer to your goals and not discouraged leading you farther away.

Find your pulse, feel the beat and keep it going, yes you can!

“It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and breakthrough”-Elsa #limits #letitgo #motivation #metalhealth #staypositive #challenge #breakthrough #goals #inspiration

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Being that it is pretty frozen here in NJ, I thought this quote from Elsa would match our theme of staying motivated as January continues to move through.

You are capable of more than you think.  Sometimes, we don’t figure that out until we’ve pushed ourselves that 5-10% more to see we actually can do it.  This week, where can you push your personal limits and see what you can do?  In that moment, where you feel you are done and going to stop, challenge yourself instead.  Continue for 30 more seconds, 1 more minute…whatever you are comfortable with.  Once it’s done, you did it! You made a breakthrough!  Test those limits this week, do 1 more squat, write 1 more paragraph, fill out 1 more job application, wait 10 more minutes and see if you are still hungry, etc.

You are capable of more than you think.  Don’t let anyone, even the bully in your head tell you otherwise!

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”-Zig Ziglar #newyear #resolutions #goals #start #motivate #inspiration #mentalhealth #staypositive #energy

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2018 is now a full week behind us!  Let’s now look at what’s in front of us and feel the new year energy in the air!

Each week this month, the Blogspiration’s theme will be to continue to motivate you to keep up a positive momentum as time continues on for 2019.

The quote this week is a reminder that we cannot expect perfection when we start something new.  Despite what photoshopped celebrities and diet water ads tell us, it is not possible to wake up tomorrow and reach your goal of losing 20lbs, multiplying your savings account 10x or writing your 500 page memoir starting today.  Reaching any goal requires patience, failure (to learn from), forgiveness and discipline to reach.

This week, what will your start look like? Maybe it’s going for a 10 minute walk on the treadmill, starting an online dating profile or cleaning out old coupons from your junk drawer.  Whatever it is, remember you do not have to reach your goal immediately.  Break up your goal into smaller tasks and tell yourself “good job!” when you accomplish anything, so you can stay inspired.  Remember, you don’t have to be great to start!