Peace in Progress Mindfulness Program

Peace in Progress (PIP) Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program

This is an 8-week mindfulness based program with biofeedback elements that reduces stress

through visual imagery and games through computer applications and a device that is held

between your thumb and forefinger that measure stress levels. The more you learn to relax,

the more you will progress through the games!

Who can Benefit: Ages 10 and up

What to Expect:

This program is structured using a designed curriculum to help you monitor your progress and


Session 1: An introduction session on what to expect, understand mindfulness, a survey to see

where your stress levels are at and a chance to try one of the applications.

Sessions 2-8: brief survey to monitor stress levels, use of the games/applications guided by a

counselor followed by the

*The program is most effective alongside individual counseling therapy.

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