“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice” W.J. Bryan #choice #destiny #mindfulness

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We make choices every day…when we receive a positive response from one, we pat ourselves on the back.  When the choice turns out negative, we know karma comes around and sometimes it’s not pretty. There are times that we make choices without realizing it and it affects others.  For example: a friend texts you to help them move and you would rather not, but you feel bad saying “no,” so you do not respond at all.  Although you may feel like you are keeping yourself from making a choice, you are making 2!…1-is to not help your friend move and 2-is jeopardizing your friendship by ignoring your friend.

Being that it’s Monday, I’m guessing that there was a choice to go to work.  You may be thinking, “Wait a sec, I’m not choosing to go to work! I have to!” The reality is, you could skip work, you could drive somewhere else or not leave your house…all of those are choices.  What really is happening is that you are choosing to go to work because you are aware of the consequences (i.e. not getting paid).

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Now let’s build some awareness this week in the choices you make.  How do these choices affect you?  Others around you?  Do they make your life more fulfilling or more like a chore?  What choices can you make to make life a little easier or happier?  Start small…perhaps saying “no” to something you do not want to do, or choosing to go to bed earlier to get more sleep.  These choices will ultimately give you control, simplify your life and aid you in embracing the destiny of choosing happiness.