“Do small things with great love”-Mother Teresa #valentinesday #love #kindness #mindfulness #mindful #mentalhealth #relationships #positivethinking #optimism

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Being that Valentine’s Day is this week I wanted to choose a quote not focused on romantic love, but focused on a larger concept…love in acts of kindness.  These days, and unfortunately, when I experience an act of kindness I find myself being taken aback and thinking “oh wow, did someone just opened the door for me?!”  I find the same in reverse as I see the look of shock on someone’s face when I pick up something they dropped for example.  No matter how small an act of kindness is, the impact is huge for both the giver and receiver.

This week, the blogspiration challenge is to present someone in your life with an act of kindness each day this week.  It could be something as simple as opening a door, sending an “I’m thinking of you” text, to making someone a cup of coffee.  We all have stuff that we are working through in life, relationship drama and other difficulties.  Let someone else know that you get it by helping them in some small way. Love is more than a romantic relationship, it is the simple joys from creating an instant connection with anyone through the little things that make life easier.  Happy Valentine’s Day!