“Don’t ask why someone keeps hurting you, ask why you keep letting them” – Karen Salmansohn #mentalhealth #selfcare #choice #relationships #hurt #mindfulness #energy #anxiety #awareness #change #motivation #resilience

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We are only human…and what that means is that we gravitate towards others and feel lonely in isolation.  When someone hurts us, it’s easy to over think, get stuck on what was said and let it affect you personally, emotionally, etc.  When people hurt us, we always play a part even if we are just the audience.  Ultimately we have a choice…we can choose to change our perspective and become more resilient, we can be assertive and let this person know we are being hurt or we can be creative and find another way to attempt to work through or leave a hurtful situation.

The challenge this week is if you are hurt by someone, decide what you are going to do about it.  For example, if your boss is in a sour mood and minimized your work on a large project, reassure yourself that you did a great job and leave those thoughts at work so when you go home you can focus on other priorities.  Your time and energy, even in your mind is valuable.  We don’t want to waste precious energy on the people who bring hurt and negativity into our lives.  Shift your focus to your goals, dreams and the people who make you smile. 🙂