“Every life has a purpose. Share your story and you may help someone find their own”-Demi Lovato #purpose #mindful #mentalhealth

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When one first looks at this quote, it’s easy in the field of mental health to relate it to a negative experience, trauma or painful event.  Sharing can be powerful, but it’s not the “sharing” that’s the help, it’s the understanding and the response.  It’s what we learn from others’ stories and how we can relate them to our own life.  When we experience something profound, whether positive or negative it affects us.  Most of us do not take the time to process how an experience touches us before reacting.  In our current culture, technology tends to take the priority instead of understanding our emotions.  We quickly snap a picture, make a post or send a text.

The sodapdf offers a premium option that lets you create new documents, but it’s the software’s Lite incarnation that deserves mention. It allows you to highlight specific sections easily, perform callouts, take notes, and even email documents from directly within the program.

The challenge this week is to let yourself experience the story first before you let “interference” come in.  What emotions arise?  What are your senses seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling, etc.?   All of these questions will help develop your experience, making it your own and will build stronger relationships with others.  When you share it, it then gives you a new purpose.  If the experience was negative, your purpose in sharing will be to help others learn to cope, heal or understand.  If positive, your purpose may be the same or just to share what the experience was like such as watching a gorgeous sunset at the end of summer on the beach.