“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”-Andy Warhol #beauty #perspective #thankful #gratitude #appreciation #thanksgiving #cybermonday #motivationmonday #mindfulness #wonder

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Coming off of Thanksgiving, I wanted to give out a quote that keeps us in the mindset of gratitude and finding beauty in the little things.  Babies and small children are the best at this…they can look at a stick and smile, appreciating the beauty, texture and sometimes taste of objects we take for granted.  Little kids seeing things for the first time are often blown away and can’t stop talking about their simple experiences.  As adults, we need to reconnect with this sense of wonder of the world.

The challenge this week is to take a moment and look around you.  What do you notice that you didn’t notice before?  Use all of your senses and see what happens, you may surprise yourself!  Whatever you notice, appreciate it…it’s the little things like breathing that not everyone sees, yet we need to do it to be alive and can learn about what we are feeling if we pay attention to how it flows.

Bonus: If you are feeling really good after this experience, write it down so next time you feel crappy you can come back to this and find the beauty and stillness in the chaos.