“Everything is created twice-first mentally, then physically”-Greg Anderson #visualization #motivation #mentalfitness #performance #creativity #mindfulness #mindset

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Studies from executives to athletes have proven that by visualizing something first, we are better able to perform our vision.  As we begin a new month of possibilities, what would you like to see happen this month?  What goals would you like to reach?  What would you like to do that brings you joy?

Take a moment and close your eyes.  Imagine yourself participating in one of these moments.

Next, do it again, but this time focus on the detail….what are you doing? how are you feeling? What are you wearing?, etc.

Keep doing this until you find yourself smiling at the thought and make a commitment to see this happen in reality.  The more you visualize it, the more you will gain confidence to make it happen.  It can be something small like cleaning your bathroom to crushing that presentation at work.  Dream it, take realistic steps and make it happen, February is your month to shine!