“Expectation is the root of all heartache”-William Shakespeare #expectation #anxiety #choice #heartache

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Shakespeare was a man of story, weaving meaning throughout his elaborate tales of life and love. In order to create these stories that still hold meaning for us today, he also understood psychology and empathy at a great level.  Expectation is something that is so ingrained in our lives that we take it granted and deny its existence at the same time!  For example, we may expect our children to get good grades and go to college and also not expect our friend to call us Friday night because we saw on social media they ditched us for their boyfriend and do not want to confront her about it.  Expectation can hold such hypocrisies in our lives!

With expectation often comes anxiety, hopelessness and anger.  It is all self created, no one forced these expectations on you or “made you feel” something.  Blame will not get you anywhere, but in circles.  The challenge this week is not to lower your expectations because that doesn’t solve the problem either.  The challenge this week is to recognize when you have expectations and how you respond to them…it is not in the expectation itself, but in the choice that you make next.  Once you realize you have an expectation, what are you going to do about it?  Will you let go of your expectation of your children to give them an independent choice?  Will you communicate your feeling of betrayal to your friend that ditched you?  I wonder how many expectations you will discover you have during a typical day and how those expectations are working or not working for you, good luck!