“Focus on what you do want in life and you’ll be surprised at how much of it shows up” -Hal Elrod #focus #priorities #whatmatters #december #inspire #dreams #possibilities #goals #mindfulness #motivation #selfcare #monday #values

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Where we focus on attention matters.

If you find yourself feeling stressed, a lot of the time it’s because your energy is going to something that doesn’t align with your values.  For example: considering this time of year…if you are stressed about running out to the mall for holiday gifts while your children are irritated to tag along and want to make cookies at home; it’s time to take a step back and look at what’s happening.  Perhaps you are frustrated just thinking about putting on your furry parka,  holiday traffic, crowds, lines and would rather be making cookies yourself!  If we take the time to stop and focus on how to change our situation, we can start to see other solutions, but when we are stressed those solutions aren’t possible to see.  Having a moment to think…ordering gifts online and paying the $5 shipping cost may just be worth your minimal stress level of avoiding all the mall mayhem and feeling happy as you make and eat those delicious cookies at home in your pajamas.

This week, when you find yourself stressed, start to think of other possibilities that would make your situation a tiny bit more pleasant that better matches up to what you value in life.  You may not be able to change everything all at once, but little changes here and there can make a huge difference in your energy level and happiness. I think once you discover the value in changing your focus on what you want rather that what “should” be happening, more of that good feeling will begin to show up more and more.

Sending positive vibes to open up those possibilities this week!