“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” -Mahatma Gandhi #happiness #balance #mindful #intention

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I particularly like the order of this quote, it all starts with our thinking…our perspective, our character, our intent.  Think back to when you were a kid and playing with something you could mold like play doh.  The clump of play doh is like a thought…it may not have a shape, however you are in charge of what you do to it whether it’s just squishing it in your hand, smashing it, building something or even licking it (eew!).  Whatever your thoughts are, you are in control.  Take your time with them, be aware of not what you are thinking, but how you are thinking.  Are you thinking positive, negative, about doing something that will bring you happiness or a consequence? You have the ability to mold that thought into a shape that when you speak it, it should feel right, confident and align to the intention behind it.  This will then be followed by your behavior and the goal is for all of this is to create a new personal balance.

An example of when there isn’t harmony could be someone at work who gossips about someone, but then waves to them and asks them how they are…obviously not in harmony.  Use this quote from thought to behavior this week helping yourself find a better harmony throughout the everyday usual “stuff” that takes up our lives.  Hopefully you will find a little more happy as you shape your thoughts, words and behaviors into something that is meaningful to you.  🙂