“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”-Carl Jung #mentalhealth #choice #excuses

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Life has it’s struggles.  If you choose to define yourself by those struggles you become a victim.  I’m not saying that whatever you’ve gone through doesn’t require healing…but I am saying that if you continue to victimize yourself from your past it will keep you from healing and moving forward.  For example, many people tell me “I am this way because of…,” “This is just the way I am,” “Everyone in my family is like this…”  All of these scenarios imply that you are a victim based on circumstances and with that you cannot change for the better.

Whatever happened to you, whether it was: a breakup, bullying, abuse, job loss, dysfunctional family or whatever…YOU are not going to be defined by that experience!  You can define who you want to be by how you think.  The challenge this week is instead of thinking “I am this way because…” start thinking “I am no longer a victim to my past,” “I am a hero in my journey and I can start to change my thinking,” “I can heal that negative part in me and move forward to reach my goals.”  Give yourself a new title…if in your mind you were a victim, today you are a warrior, conquering your mind with hope, love and the faith that you are enough to be happy.