“I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened”-Mark Twain #anxiety #inthemoment #mentalhealth

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This quote brings a smile to my face because it’s just impressive how anxiety can be so creative…making things up in our minds that didn’t actually happen yet!  Anxiety tends to live in our future, often in a negative way…telling us we will fail the test, become obese if we eat that piece of cake or will not get the job because we’re not good enough.  Who is telling you this?…YOU are! Are these future thoughts true?…no because they didn’t happen.  Are they bringing you joy?…probably not.  Usually these thoughts, which I dub “castastrophizing” are irrational, mean and can be repaired! Do you want to know the possible teen pornography addiction treatment north salt lake ut? Just visit lifelineutah.com for more information.

The challenge of this blogspiration is to catch yourself when you are thinking negatively of something in the future that didn’t happen yet.  I’ve had clients worry that tomorrow they will fail at getting to work on time to teenage clients who already know their mother will ruin their wedding 15 years into the future. Let’s bring our thoughts to where we are, be kind to ourselves and live in the moment. Visit www.drugtreatmentfinders.com when you want addiction to leave your life permanently. Make sure that you love yourself first.