“if you are waiting for a sign, this is it!”-Anonymous #selfcare #inspiration #motivation #goals #excuses #responsibility #opportunity #action #choices #signs

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I love this quote so much that it is in our Howell office waiting area. It pretty much speaks for itself…it’s so easy to make excuses to avoid time for ourselves or to take a step towards our goals.  This Blogsipration is your sign!  This is it!

The challenge this week is to pick any one goal you want to work on.  Summer is the most common time to make excuses not to reach our goals, so this is more motivation to get back on track.  What is 1 thing you can do tomorrow to work towards a goal?  Perhaps it’s going for a walk to get in better shape, read a chapter in a book or call an old friend to network with for a potential job. Whatever it is, pencil it in your planner, set an alarm on your phone and let the action begin tomorrow!  You got this, let’s get started!