“If you can see the path laid out before you, it is not yours”-Joseph Campbell #journey #mentalhealth #goals #motivation #selfcare #individuality #determination #anxiety #challenge #media #influence #inspiration

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We are prone to looking for answers or a way to reach our goals.  Often we look to what others have done to reach theirs, however individual circumstances and conditions can sometimes blind us from moving forward in the best way that works for us.  For example, people may go on the same diet and expect the same results, so when the same results do not happen, it’s easy to get frustrated without considering genetics, metabolism, lifestyle, stress levels, etc.  There are so many messages out there that tell us what to do to be happy, to be healthy, to get organized…

The challenge this week is to ignore those messages, which is definitely a challenge being that they are online, on magazine covers, radio ads, TV, basically everywhere we go.  Pick a goal for yourself this week and decide 1 thing you are going to do daily for the week to get closer to that goal.  Make a choice that works for you, that is designed by you and your life.  I have a sense that you have all you need to accomplish what you want this week.  Go for it!