“If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will”-Greg McKeown #boundaries #essentialism #stress #balance #prioritize #values

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Have you ever found yourself burned out, overworked or overcommitted?  Sometimes we let others prioritize our lives for us, rather than taking control of how we want our day to unfold in a way that is fulfilling and motivating.  This happens when we say yes to someone even though we know it affects our own time.  This happens at our jobs when people pull us in all the directions opposite of where we want to be heading.  And for many of us this happens so much that we find ourselves with little to no free time to rejuvenate or spend our time in line with what we value such as family, alone time, or working on a project you haven’t found the time to start.

The challenge this week is to write down the things you are doing this week outside of what you have to do like go to work, doctor appointments, etc.  Then note the things that you don’t really want to do but committed to already (things you really don’t have to do).  What are you trading off?  For example, maybe you have a 50hr work week and said yes to meeting an old friend for coffee…the trade off is a chance for you to go home to relax and read a book you’ve been trying to pick up again.  Now is your chance to tell your friend that you’ve overcommitted yourself and while you’d love to do coffee this week, you will need to reschedule.  This gives you your reading/rejuvenation time that it sounds like you need!  Use this challenge this week to find out what you are trading off with your own over-commitments and take action to give back to yourself and what you value most.