In a gentle way, you can shake the world-Mahatma Gandhi #gandhi #change #kindness #hope #mentalhealth #helpothers #volunteer

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Do you know why I like to shop for my daughter at the Disney store?…because consistently every time I shop there they tell me to “have a magical day!” It literally shakes my world because the next store associate may not speak to me at all or I may get a disgruntled grunt.  It baffles me that my world is shaken by people who are nice! That’s just not the norm these days.  When people are nice to me, it motivates me to be nice back and continue the gesture.  Let’s shake the world together this week (and maybe everyday after that)!

This week, extend a gentle gesture to shake someone else’s world.  Remember we are all people, all have our own issues and could all use a nice moment in our lives. Bring a coworker coffee, say hello to your jerky neighbor, give up a subway seat to someone else…whatever it is, know that you are sending out kindness and positive energy through not just that moment, but to the world.  It’s contagious as long as we keep it going…