“it’s actions, not good intentions, that produce satisfaction”-Mira Kirshenbaum #action #intention #goals #motivation #courage #risks #mindfulness

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Have you or someone you’ve known been in a crappy relationship where all they hear is, “Don’t worry, I’ll change!…” and months later it’s still the same old song?  Or perhaps you’ve heard someone say “I want to but…” or “I would love to help but…” and again no follow through?  Life is full of good intentions, whether it’s your own goals, someone else’s promises or a dream to help in some way.  Intentions can be a great motivation, a drive that leads you to figure out passions, values or the next chapter of your life.  However, if you are finding yourself in circles of good intention for a while, you are probably stuck.

The blogspiration challenge this week is to pick 1 intention, particularly if it is one that has been circling in your mind for some time and create just 1 action this week to begin to meet that intention.  So if you’ve been meaning to set up coffee with an old flame-send the text.  If you’ve had the intention to start your laundry (that’s been overflowing..shhh!)-start a load.  If you’ve been wanting to eat less junk, hide the Halloween candy somewhere out of reach.  Don’t listen to yourself trying to justify why not to do it or saying that you don’t have time…this is 1 step, there’s no better time than now!  The more you think about it, the farther you are away from actually doing it.  Taking action takes courage and I know you have it, let’s go!