“It’s alright to be happy…you don’t have to be constantly manufacturing problems that you don’t really have” -Jack Nicholson #stress #happy #dramafree

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When everyday starts to feel like it brings new problems that you can’t escape, it’s time to take a step back.  Where are all these problems coming from?  Do you find yourself blaming others most of the time? How many of these problems are in your control?  We may not realize it, but the majority of our problems may not be problems at all, just our perception and creation of them.  We all know someone in our lives that seems to “breathe” drama and suck people into their show.  It may feel like you do not have a choice when problems come to you, but you do.  When we step back and reflect to see where the problems are coming from, we may just realize some do not have to be real problems at all.

The challenge this week is when a problem comes your way, stop for a moment.  Take a step back and remind yourself you have a choice.  If it’s people related you can always decide what your boundaries between the person and problem will be.  If it’s situational, you can decide your role in the situation-simply being part of the problem or part of a solution, or not part in it at all.  You can even evaluate if it really is a problem …it could just be a “line of communication,” “a puzzle,” etc.  In other words, it might be your perspective that aids in thinking everything is a problem when it doesn’t have to be.  Let’s see if you can minimize the “problems” this week and move closer to being stress free.