“Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts are not to bother about”-Robert Lynd #choice #facts #knowledge #mentalhealth #priorities #selfcare #needs #anxiety #power #mindfulness #relationships #digitaldetox #simplelife #drama

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This quote applies to 2 areas I see that distract us from our priorities:  First is technology and social media being that information comes to us faster and more often than ever before.  The second is conversations and relational drama whether weaved through work or our personal lives.  These distractions keep us from our priorities in many ways.  Think of each like a wormhole.  For example, you wanted to give yourself an hour to read at night, but found yourself caught in the web of social media, commenting on pictures, scrolling through memes and then you look at the clock and that hour is gone leaving your with frustration that once again there was no time for yourself.  Second example is that you are manager at work with a deadline in 2 hours, but your employees have decided to bring you the drama about a peer that is coming in late and constantly on the phone taking personal calls.

The challenge this week is to right now write down your 2 priorities to complete this week.  Maybe it’s to walk for 20 minutes or to check all of your work e-mails.  Once it’s written, put it somewhere you are the most to remind you (you can make a code name for your priorities if you don’t want others to know).  When you find yourself bothering with things or conversations that are distracting from those priorities, make the choice to stop, excuse yourself or postpone what’s happening to refocus on what you want.  Let’s minimize the noise so you focus on your goals.  There are always many opportunities to work on this, but remember that you are in control of the moment, seize it wisely!