“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”-George Bernard Shaw #life #mentalhealth #mindfulness #selfcare #create #mentalhealth #awareness #selfreflection #mindset

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We all have felt lost at different times in our lives.  Sometimes we feel completely stuck, as if all is out of our control.  As we continue to self-reflect this month, let’s find our inner creativity.  If you are searching to figure out who you are, perhaps you can stop and ask yourself who you want to become.  A first step could be how you think through situations.  Sometimes we corner ourselves, not knowing where we are or how to find a solution.  We may not find one, but we can always create one!

Our challenge this week is going to be reflecting on how we approach negative situations in our lives.  What is happening this week that you are not thrilled about? Let’s look at the difference between a negative mindset and positive mindset…

Ex. A:”I’m not thrilled about the meeting with my boss because my presentation is not finished and I feel stuck. I am such a loser and we may lose this customer!”

Ex B:  “My presentation is not finished because I need some further direction.  Maybe my boss can help lead me so I know how to finish it or maybe I can call the customer and let them know we care about their product and want to get it right, perhaps they can give me further insight on what they are looking for? Either way I may get more information that will help me finish, even before the meeting!”

In Example A, we are defeated, putting ourselves in a place where there is no direction with a negative mindset.  In Example B, we are creating solutions for ourselves and praising our effort to keep us going, what a difference!

Stop trying to find yourself and start creating the person you want to become through a positive mindset.