“Looking closely at what was already right and how to make it even better did not enter my mind”-Martin Seligman @MartinEPSeligman #thankful #gratitude #mindful #mindset #mentalhealth

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This month’s theme is gratitude, being that this is the month of Thanksgiving, I couldn’t resist!

I find through talking with clients, there is lens to look closely at what is wrong, so much so when I ask “well, what’s going right or good for you now?” they look at me like they just saw a ghost.  It’s typical for people to complain and dwell on what’s wrong, so let’s change that and focus on what is working!

The challenge this week is to find 1 thing going right for you and list 3 ways you can elevate it and make it better.  Maybe you are looking for a job and had 1 interview!  How can you get 3 more?

  1. Send linked-in requests for informational interviews based on companies with open positions
  2. Apply to 2 or more job postings a day
  3. Send thank you email to your last interview and reiterate your interest in the position

Your turn, go!