“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world”-Buddha #buddha #mentalhealth #kindness #moments #mindfulness #change #motivation #goals #zen

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This is a very powerful quote that works from the place of the present, bringing a perspective that each moment is something to be cherished.  Of course when you are sitting in traffic on the parkway and someone just cut you off when you are already late,  zen like moments seem like they are only for yogis living in another country meditating on some cliff overlooking the sunset while your shoulders are up to your ears in tension and coffee just spilled on your new expensive white pants.

My point here is that not all moments can be great and change lives, but some can.  Be aware of when those moments arise to take 30 seconds for 1 deep breath, 1 minute to give your kid a hug, 5 minutes to ask your partner how their day way, 10 minutes to call a friend, etc.  Translate whatever moment for whatever time for you, your family, your friends or even for strangers.  It’s not costly to say hi, open a door or just smile passing by, but it is rich.  The Blogspiration challenge this week is for 7 days to “catch” a moment each day of kindness to yourself or others.  I’m hoping you find that a moment goes a long way…