“Part of growing up is discarding the personas that aren’t contributing to our happiness and success in life”- @GayHendricks #mentalhealth #happiness #reinvention #anxiety #depression

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I love this Gay Hendricks quote, because it challenges our limiting beliefs that come from the past.  Maybe you tell someone you are “a shy person,” “the overbearing mom,” “the worrier,” “the boss,” or the “advice giver” and deep down you don’t want to be these definitions. Often, we let experiences from our past define who we are today.  You can be the person you want to be and can start letting others know you are not the person you define yourself as anymore!  So, for example, if you are typically the “advice giver” and your friend asks for advice, turn it back to her this time…”what do you think about this?” This lets her know you aren’t going to churn out an answer and gets her to start thinking for herself…a win win!

With past definitions comes a certain pressure to perform, often stresses us out and leaves us feeling defeated from becoming the person we want to be.  Start small this week and pick an area of your life you want to change…”act” like the person you want to be in situations where you define yourself otherwise and watch those definitions slowly fade and stay in the past where they belong!