New Counselor Interview & Training Process

New Counselor Interview & Training Process


  • Resumes shall be reviewed by Director and Clinical Supervisor
  • Office Assistant will  phone screen initial applicants
  • Office Assistant will track applicants and schedule 1st interview with Director
  • Director will make decision to send select candidates for a 2nd clinical interview
  • Office Assistant will track and schedule 2nd interview
  • Clinical Supervisor and Director will review final candidates to present offer
  • Director will present offer to selected candidate


The following training schedule may be conducted in parts or as a whole depending on counselor and staff availability…

  • Part 1-Offer acceptance business with Director:
    • Welcome /Office tour
    • Zenefits background check
    • Creating training calendar
    • Zenefits and software account set up
    • Website blurb
    • Transition planning (if applicable)
  • Part 2-Supervision with Clinical Supervisor:
    • Complete supervision forms in entirety for Director to send
    • Review policies and procedures
    • Set up individual supervision sessions
    • Professional Growth Plan
    • Transition meeting with transitioning counselor (if applicable)
  • Part 3-Scheduling/Registration with Office Assistant:
    • Learn to:
      • Register clients
      • Managing calendar
      • Schedule clients/Create appointments
      • Appointment statuses
      • Creating invoices/collecting payment
      • Billing policies/procedures
      • Communication tips with Office Staff
  • Part 4-Technology training with Clinical Supervisor:
    • Theranest
    • Evernote
    • Hellosign
    • Meistertask
    • Communication: how and when to use chat, e-mail, text and phone
  • Part 5-Intake training with Clinical Supervisor:
    • Intake process
    • Treatment planning
    • Questionnaires
    • Note taking
    • Supervision
  • Part 6-Additional Trainings with Director:
    • Couples
    • Parent Coaching
    • Peace in Progress