Registration & Scheduling


The Office Manager and Office Assistant will be responsible for registering all clients in our EHR system.

In the Office Manager’s absence, the Office Assistant will take appropriate responsibilities including registration/scheduling, monitoring phone system, invoicing and claim submissions.

Registration includes:

  • Initiating client communication
    • Office Manager will registered client
    • Office staff will determine eligibility and benefits prior to the first session and document in Theranest Billing & Insurance screen
    • Office staff will send a welcome e-mail to the client on the same day appointment is scheduled
    • If the client would like to speak to a counselor to determine fit, they shall be scheduled a phone call with the Clinical Supervisor to determine best fit and back up fit for scheduling.  This also applies to families who are unsure which services fit their needs
    • A free 10 minute consult may be scheduled at the client’s request to speak to their scheduled counselor to determine fit to circumstances
  • Creating client case.  Supervisor should always be attached to cases for LACs.
    • A new case will be created for each service type
  • Special cases:
    • Returning clients:
      • clients who have been archived and are returning:
        • can keep the same case if case is still open and same counselor if still available
        • a new case can be created if case was closed or the client cannot schedule with previous counselor.
        • Any client who cannot work with their previous counselor after 3 months of last appointment will have a new case created and intake redone
    • EAP cases must have authorization code and paperwork in hand prior to first session
      • The Director will complete all EAP paperwork and session caps
      • The Office Manager will monitor EAP billing and further eligibility & benefits
  • Inputting client general information into EHR system
  • Collecting referral source
  • Client insurance information with verification of eligibility
  • Scheduling of intake appointment according to service type with appropriate counselor
  • Client will be sent a welcome e-mail with counselor blind copied on the e-mail that includes client’s general mental health insurance benefit information.

Making Appointments:

  • Post intake, appointments should be scheduled weekly and as progress is made: bi-weekly, twice monthly, monthly and as needed accordingly to treatment plan progress
    • Clients coming less than once a month are to be archived in between appointments.  Counselors are to make note to un-archive the client a week before their upcoming appointment
  • Licensed Associate Counselors may not be scheduled more than 3 intakes a week once caseload has been established to 10 or more cases weekly
  • During sessions, counselors will make weekly appointments with clients by the week or month to maintain consistency if possible for 60 minute sessions
    • If appointments are set up recurring, the counselor will be responsible for ending the cycle when the termination form is completed to avoid future appointment pop ups.
  • If clients cannot commit to scheduling for the month, counselors must let the client know that their appointment time will then be based on availability and not guaranteed
  • If counselors are on phone with clients more than 10 minutes, they are to inform the client that a phone conversation more than 10 minutes long that is clinical and not related to scheduling will be billed as an actual session. Counselors are make the invoice for the phone session, collect any copays and notify the Office Manager to build an invoice for any phone sessions not previously scheduled


  • When clients are transitioning to a new counselor, a transition form must be completed and signed by the Clinical Supervisor for approval.  This form will be completed between counselor and client and then given to office staff who will ensure it’s completion before forwarding to the Clinical Supervisor
    • If clients agree to transfer their clinical information to a new counselor, office staff will keep the same case and change from the old to the new counselor
    • If clients do not want to transfer their clinical information to a new counselor:
      1. the old counselor must complete the termination form
      2. office staff will notify the Clinical Supervisor to close the case
      3. a new case will be opened with new counselor with first appointment being billed as an intake session
  • If counselor is resigning from the organization:
    1. The counselor will notify clients within 2 weeks of last day and present transition form
    2. Counselor will return form to office staff who will forward to Clinical Supervisor
    3. Clinical Supervisor will determine counselor fit and return to office staff to schedule appointment with new counselor
      • the new counselor may attend the last session with the old counselor with client permission to observe
    4. Office staff will upload transition form to client’s file

Cancellations/No Show Policy:

  • Clients will receive a text message appointment confirmation the day prior to their appointment at 9am unless they verbally ask to not receive these confirmations
    • If clients do not respond to initial message, a second text will be sent the day of at 9am.
    • The system only recognizes “1” to confirm and “2” to cancel.  If clients send a message besides a number, the system will not recognize it, however it will be recorded in the “reminders log” of the Client Details page
  • If a new client cancels or does not show up for their intake appointment and we do not hear from them within 24 hours to reschedule, the Office Manager should delete the original appointment, invoice and delete the client. Case will need to be closed by supervisor.
  • If the client cancels the appointment at least 24hrs prior to their appointment they will not be charged a cancellation fee
  • For appointments cancelled, the Office Manager will call to reschedule clients in the Howell office and the Office Assistant will call clients to reschedule for the Toms River office via 1 phone call and 1 e-mail once confirmation is received the day before the appointment:
    • If we do not hear from clients within 5 business days of their appointment, office staff will notify the counselor to terminate and archive their file
    • If the client cancels 2 consecutive appointments in a row, the counselor will terminate and archive their file
  • If the client does not show to the appointment at the appointment time, the counselor will call the client once 10minutes has passed to see if they are coming in or would like to reschedule.  If the client does not answer…
    • If the client cancels the same day as their appointment or does not show, a cancellation fee may apply to the counselor’s discretion
    • The counselor will be responsible for marking the appointment:
      • If client cancelled on time and there is no charge: “CANCELLED”
      • If client cancelled late or did not show and the counselor would like to give the client a pass for circumstances: “Late cancel/no show 1x pass”
      • If the client cancelled due to another medical appointment/emergency, they may bring in a note to have the late cancellation fee removed by office staff within 5 business days
      • If client cancelled later or did not show and the counselor is charging them:
        • Ex.1 “Late cancel, texted 10 mins before session, fee applied”
        • Ex. 2 “No show, left message, fee applied”
        • Please note: the counselor must create the charge invoice and charge the client immediately
  • If the counselor cancels the appointment, the appointment should be marked as “RESCHEDULED” to the next upcoming appointment to not affect retention rate data
  • Caseload Management:
    • Office Assistant will check the caseload on Monday, adding those with no upcoming appointment to “Case Closure Management” note in Evernote and archiving clients. Office Assistant will then email counselors clients with no upcoming appts
    • If client has not been called in order to reschedule Taylor will make the call
    • Counselors are to go through list & complete any terminations by Wednesday
    • Counselors may have to unarchive clients as anyone on this list will be immediately archived for space
    • Once termination is complete please let Director or Clinical Supervisor know to close the case
    • Clients that come in monthly please archive and write calendar note to unarchive week before appointment


  • If a client cancels their appointment and reschedules in the same week, their appointment should be marked “RESCHEDULED” unless a late cancellation fee is being applied
  • If a client cancels their appointment and reschedules for the following week or later, their appointment should remain marked as “CANCELLED” unless a late cancel fee is being applied
  • If a client cancels or late cancels, the Office Manager and Counselor will initiate contact to attempt rescheduling in the same week for treatment progression
  • If a client cancels 3 appointments consecutively, with no response from the client the week of the 3rd cancellation, a termination form should be completed by the counselor and the counselor will archive the client’s file

Proof of Attendance:

Clients may receive proof of attendance via the attendance confirmation form at request for no charge. These letters will not contain any clinical information and will be given to the client directly. Clients who were not seen on dates they request will not be given proof of attendance. These are not considered documents that require a release or Document Request Form.


Each client where treatment has been completed or has chosen to no longer receive services should have a termination form completed.

Once the termination form is complete:

  • If the client terminated naturally, please notify the Clinical Supervisor to approve and close the case
  • If the client did not terminate naturally, the counselor will archive the client’s file

Planned termination:

  1. Counselor will complete interventions and treatment plan with final dates of meeting goals
  2. Counselor will complete termination form
  3. Counselor will notify supervisor of termination to close and archive the client’s case

Unplanned termination:

  • Client specifies want to terminate services for no reason:
    • Follow steps 1-3 (planned) above, give client copy of treatment plan in last session if present
  • Client is transferring to another practice:
    • Follow steps 1-3 (planned) above, sign any release for records if necessary, give client copy of treatment plan
  • Client is leaving due to insurance:
    • Follow steps 1-3 (planned) above, alert office staff of insurance change to verify new benefits, refer to insurance or other appropriate resource(s) for continuation of care, sign any release for records if necessary, give client copy of treatment plan

Inclement weather:

In cases where the office opening will be delayed or closed, the Director will notify the Office Manager and Clinical Supervisor of the status. The Office Manager will notify the Office Assistant and the Clinical Supervisor will notify all clinical staff.   The Office Manager will be responsible for rescheduling Howell office client appointments and the Office Assistant will be responsible for rescheduling the Toms River client appointments.

  • Same day inclement weather: If staff feel it is not safe to drive considering their location:
    • Office and Executive staff may request to work from home with Director’s permission.
    • Counseling staff can use their discretion to have appointments via phone (adult clients only) or rescheduled.  If so, office staff must be notified to delete billed invoices and to call clients to reschedule.
  • Next day inclement weather:
    • Counseling staff: Counselors will call clients that evening informing of next day closure and offer phone sessions to adult clients for next day or to reschedule appointment.  Once client is called, a calendar note will be made for office staff to view the next day with appointment status changed appropriately to “rescheduled” if upcoming appointment stays for following week or reschedule is updated to another appointment the same week.  If adult clients choose a phone session, “phone session” should be put in the calendar note so office staff can bill appropriately.
    • Office staff: will check calendar notes the next day and attempt to reschedule any clients who have not been rescheduled by counselors the previous night and do not have a phone session in the same week if possible.  Any other billing or other office assistant tasks may be completed remotely.
    • Executive staff: Will complete management duties as assigned following Counseling staff protocol for own clients. Director will post closure and following opening to website.