“Power is not given to you. You have to take it” Beyoncé Knowles #power #mindset #mindfulness #choice #priority #mentalhealth #beyonce #energy #focus @Beyonce

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June’s Blogspiration theme this month is “living with purpose” and I will be sure to give you some inspiration each Monday this month to live with purpose!

The challenge this week is to recognize that power is something you have to take.  I’m not talking here about aggressively pushing people out of the way to rise to the top.  I am talking about making a choice to overcome your thoughts and feelings in order to give yourself power rather than blaming others or your feelings.  For example, someone might say “I feel depressed and it’s my partner’s fault!”…we are shifting our mindset here…by blaming your partner you are taking away your own power and draining your own energy!

Remind yourself this week that you call the shots!  When you notice your energy draining or negative emotions rising up inside…get that power back and give it back to yourself!  Use that power to make a positive choice, take a step toward a goal or to just be happy that you gave yourself back energy you would typically give to someone else in your life in thoughts.

You have the power to control your thoughts and your thoughts control your feelings, so let’s feel good!