“Quality of life is having the freedom to make choices that are not based in fear”-Danielle Colding #freedom #choice

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As we move into mid-November with the election behind us and the holidays straight-ahead, this time of year can become a blanket of anxiety for many.  This typically is represented in the language we use in our own self-talk.  “I have to make this list,” “I should invite so and so to Thanksgiving,” “I need to send everyone a holiday card.” Read those sentences again, but aloud this time.  What do you hear?  I hear a creation of pressure, anxiety and a fear that there will be some sort of consequence looming ahead.

The challenge this week is to first notice when you are using these words, then let’s change them to something with less pressure that minimizes our anxieties and gives us the freedom of choice.  Using the examples above:

“I have to make this list” to “I want to make a list to help me remember”

“I should invite so and so to Thanksgiving” to “I can invite so and so to Thanksgiving if I want”

“I need to send everyone a holiday card” to “I might send holidays cards to select people I am closest to”

Give yourself options to make choices rather than pigeon yourself into a cave of pressure, indecision and fear of consequence.  Free yourself by just changing the way your inner voice speaks to you.