“Some pursue happiness, others create it”-Anonymous #transition #mentalhealth #happiness #create

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It’s easy to say “I’ll be happy when…” I lose 10lbs, I get a new job, my partner does the dishes, my baby stops screaming, etc.  Could you actually be betting your happiness on other things?

The challenge this week is to create your own happiness in small ways.  Using the examples above, this could be something small like simply saying to yourself “I will enjoy this 1 cookie” or “I am going to hang Christmas lights around my desk at work to make my job more bearable this month” or “I’ll just do the dishes now so I feel better” or “I’m going to sing my favorite song in my head while I hold the baby until they fall asleep”

What small thing can you do this week to create your own happiness?  Let’s aim for 1 thing each day!