“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”-Arthur Ashe #materialism #intention #motivation

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If you listen, people will tell you what they lack and believe that if they were to receive more money, a bigger house, a better car they will be happy.  Meaning in life is minimal and starts from the inside out.  Think about it…if all of your possessions were taken away tomorrow what would you have?  I think of memories, my family, friends, love, support, laughter, knowledge etc.  Looking around, it’s easy to see that people are making excuses for not finding their own happiness through jealousy of tangible items when what they are really in search for is…meaning, love, support, creativity…the true important stuff.

The challenge for this week’s Blogspiration is to stop making excuses for yourself.  Happiness starts now, with you….no tangible item will get you there.  Use this quote as a mantra starting today to take a real step towards your personal goals from the inside.  You don’t need more resources or more time, all you need is you and you are worth it! Go!