“Suffering makes you feel safe because you know it so well”-Don Miguel Ruiz #change #strength #happy #motivation #selfcare #goals #mindfulness #awareness #complain #inspiration #positive

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How many complaints do you hear on a typical day?  Traffic was bad, the kids were horrible, my job sucks, my family is drama, my lunch wasn’t good, my spouse/partner isn’t doing enough, etc.  When I ask clients, “what was good today?” they often stare at me, like I just spoke another language.  When we are cycling through constant negativity, with our focus on everything going wrong, it can be pretty hard to think about the good stuff.

The blogspiration challenge this week is to reflect each day and find at least 1 good thing and let whatever that good thing is repeat in your mind.  Notice how it might change your feelings, thoughts even if just for a moment.  Do you laugh? Do you smile? Do you feel good?  That’s the point…focus on the positive and let that start to cycle in your mind replacing that familiar negative cycle.  There’s no reason to keep suffering through negativity just because it’s what you are used to.  Find the positive and let it permeate, saturate until you actually start to feel that it is real.