The grass is greener where you water it”-Anonymous #choices #priority #mindful #mentalhealth #selftalk #action #perspective

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I’m sure we’ve all heard this one before!  …but what does it have to do with our monthly theme of finding purpose?

Our purpose often comes from our priorities and actions.  So if you tell me your purpose right now is to overcome your breakup and social media gives you anxiety looking at your ex’s posts, but then I hear that you look those posts everyday…well I would say it’s time to water a different lawn!

This week I would like you to list your top 3 priorities.  Let’s get artsy here: draw your priorities as 3 blades of grass and label them.  Now draw a line above the bottom and top of each blade…those are the actions you will take to “water” your grass to ensure it grows.  Feel free to draw a couple extra lines if you need to.  Now you know what you need to do to prioritize these items and what action you need to take to make them a priority.

For example, if I have a blade of grass that is the priority of “quality time with my children,” then maybe my actions (“water”) are lines 1. saying no to a dinner on Saturday and 2. buying tickets online for the movies.  Now get out there and take those actions to make sure your grass is as green as can be!