“The more we need another person to satisfy our needs, the more power that individual has over us , the more dependent and needy we are likely to behave”-William Ury #relationships #mentalhealth #mindset #dependence #boundaries

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Mindset goes beyond our own self-talk, it also affects our relationships.  Do you let your happiness depend on how other people meet your needs? If you do, you are giving that person power over you and it’s something we call in the psychology field “co-dependency.”  You may feel like you need someone else to complete you or do something, but I know inside you is a strong independent person perfectly capable of creating their own happiness!

If this week’s blog speaks to you, your challenge this week is to do something for yourself that you usually would depend on someone else to do.  For example, maybe you only go to the gym if your friend goes or maybe you only read a book if your spouse reads.  You do you!  Once you do whatever that thing is, take a moment to rejoice, you can accomplish many things on your own, sometimes we just feel like we need others to do it.