“The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials”-Lin Yutang #essentialism #mindfulness #minimialism #mentalhealth #declutter #anxiety #selfcare #zen #habits

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Life can sometimes feel like a mess.  Our minds can be filled with clutter, our relationships, our cars, our homes…everything!  This time of year, usually finds people de-cluttering their homes so I would like to help you de-clutter with the Blogspiration this week with the following challenges (pick 1 or all, the choice & challenge is yours to choose)…

  1. This week, grab a box and take 30 minutes of your time and pick one room in your house to start.  Go through the room and locate any items that you have not actively used in the past 6 months and do not plan to use in the next 3.  When ready, place those items in the box to bring to your local donation store.  Repeat this whenever you get a chance room by room or even starting with 1 closet, your car or someplace small like a drawer.
  2. Next, I would like you to take 10 minutes one morning and make a to-do list.  Now cross off the things that you can put off until tomorrow or another day. Next cross off the things that you feel you have to do, but could delegate to someone else (like taking out the garbage when your 12yr old can do that).  Will what’s left on your list produce immediate consequences if not done today?-if not cross of your list for another day.  Now what’s left?  Hopefully we minimized your list and in turn minimized any anxious feelings 🙂
  3. Take 5 minutes and write down the 1st 5 thoughts in your brain.  Next, put a start next to the thoughts that bring you happiness.  Put an X next to the thoughts that bring up negative thoughts.  Remind yourself that you are in control of your thoughts.  If there is nothing you can do about the negative ones, cross them off one by one, take a deep breathe and release them so you only have room for the positive ones and keep those positive ones on repeat!

Once a task is complete, take 1 minute to congratulate yourself on creating some space in your life!  Psychological research tells us that clutter can induce anxiety and restless feelings.  Start minimizing the clutter in your life and repeat this exercise as needed.  You could do all 3 in less than an hour if you have the time.  Happy Life Decluttering!