“There’s no future in the past”-Anonymous #selfcare #selftalk #motivation #takeaction #mentalhealth #anxiety #drama #thinkdifferent #perspective #mindfulness #motivation #control #awareness

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It’s all too easy to dwell on the past.  We think of what we could have said, thought or done differently.  We certainly learn from our mistakes or accomplishments, however sometimes these thoughts take on a path of their own and keep us from moving forward.  Thoughts are powerful and so the Blogspiration challenge this week is to build awareness of when we are dwelling on the past so that we can take control of our future.

When you find yourself dwelling on the past, you can reframe your thoughts to the future with the following examples:

-“What have I learned form this experience that I can do differently next time?”

-“How is my thinking right now helping me accomplish my present goals?”

-“If I wasn’t thinking about the past, what could I be doing to help my future?”

It all starts with realizing how much effort and time you are giving the past.  Try to meet yourself in the present so that you can pave the way to the future you desire.  It all starts with your thoughts!