“Turn your wounds into wisdom”-Oprah Winfrey @oprah #creativity #mentalhealth #mindset #change #positivity #creative #depression #anxiety #mindfulness

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September’s Blogspiration theme will be creativity in mental health!  September is typically a transition time, particularly for families with children when the new school year/activities start and there can be a lot of disruption from the abrupt transition this time of year creates.

When we think of “wounds” some of us may think of a traumatic experience, some may think of a physical limitation, but wounds can be seen as any setback, abrupt transition like the school year or another negative experience because, hey, we are being creative here!

The mental health challenge this week is to look at your wound as a learning opportunity:

  • What is in your control?
  • What did you learn from this wound/negative experience?
  • What could you do differently if this happens again?

Be creative so that you can set off your September on a path of change and transformation.  This week if you work hard on this challenge, all your wounds may turn into life-changing wisdom for a better future!