“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are”-Max De Free #habit #awareness #change #counseling

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Whether you are in therapy or not, change is hard.  Most of us have some aspect of ourselves we would like to change and that may lead to frustration and impatience when the change just isn’t happening.  In therapy,  often I hear “I’ve been coming here for 3 weeks and things haven’t changed!”  Showing up in your own life is just the first step.  Let’s think about this in an everyday kind of way…when you wake up in the morning and show up in your kitchen does your breakfast make itself?  When you want to lose 10lbs do you walk into the gym and the weight just melts off?  …would be nice if it did right?! Change is hard work and realizing the work is something you have to do can be cathartic for some who keep doing the same thing, but expect different results.

Of course, change also doesn’t happen overnight either.  It takes time, energy, effort and the realization that you are ultimately responsible for the change you want.  The challenge this week is to think of something you’ve been wanting to change.  Write down or think about what you’ve been doing…or not doing that is contributing to the change not happening.  What factors are in your control and out of your control (other people, for example).  What can you do differently?  I guarantee the small steps you take this week will be rewarding when you reach your goal! 🙂