“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own”-Ben Sweetland #mentalhealth #relationships #wellness #selfcare

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People can be quick to help others before themselves.  This can be the case in friendships, romantic relationships, parenting and other types of relationships.  Sometimes, I see people easily distracting themselves with others’ problems just to avoid their own.  It can be easy to distract themselves…”they need me…,” “they need my advice…,” “I have to be there for them…”

What about you?  What do you need? Who is there for you right now? I’m not saying to be selfish or ignore the people you care about, rather the challenge this week is to build an awareness of anything that you may be neglecting or avoiding in your own life.  Especially if it’s something negative…the challenge is to start to lift that cloud of negativity so that we can brighten your path and let some sunshine in!

The message underlying this quote to kick on this week is that you are important. It is important to work through your own problems first before helping others so that you have a clean and clear perspective of yourself…without that it’s a lot harder to help someone in need completely.  You are important, you matter this week and every day!