“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”-Winston Churchill #trickortreat #giving #generosity #mindfulness #relationships #communication #kindness

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I chose this quote for Halloween because each year I witness many children running around the neighborhood trying to get as much candy as possible, focusing on quantity and running from door to door often saying “trick or treat” as they run to the next house.  I think this is a great example for this quote as with our pace of life we are constantly running to the next thing without taking a moment to say “thank you” or allow a moment of conversation.  I personally love to tell kids how great their costumes are, ask what their favorite candy is and engage in the lost art form of conversation.

Last year, a little boy was with his older brothers trick or treating at my house.  While his older brothers sped away to the next house, the little boy about 5 years old dressed as Darth Vader asked me what my favorite candy was and when I told him it was Reese’s, he reached into his bag and gave me one!  I then gave him 2 large handfuls of candy because that was a rare form of generosity!  The challenge this week is to give something back, maybe it’s holding a door for someone, buying the person behind you a coffee, texting a friend a thoughtful message.  When I think of Halloween, I love thinking of that little boy, being brave to stay back from his brothers, taking the time to say thanks and giving up one of his candies despite being dressed as a villain.  I guess there can be candy on the dark side if you find the right person 🙂