“We suffer less when we let go of planning ahead to feel poorly”-Hale Dwoskin #selfcare #selftalk #motivation #mentalhealth #anxiety #awareness #mindfulness #anxiety #bepositive #letitgo

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The Blogspiration challenge this week is to stop talking down to yourself, telling yourself that things will not go well, you are going to mess something up or you are sure something isn’t going to work out!  If you can let go of any negativity and be open to the present you may surprise yourself.  Imagine how different things would be if you only told yourself that everything would most likely work out and gave yourself compliments?

Sometimes people like to psyche themselves out, planning in their head for the worst so that when life happens it either doesn’t surprise them or they believe negative words will act as motivation.  Let’s experiment…be nicer to yourself, take solace in that you do not know what exactly to expect. Stop planning for the worst if  you do and take things as they come in a confident and open way. Whatever happens you can handle, will work through and can let go of the negativity.