“What is not started today is never finished tomorrow”-Goethe #today #start #goals

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As you start your week, you may have a list or perhaps many lists of goals to complete. These goals could be related to household tasks, family events or self-improvement. Some may want to have a list, but not know where to start. Others may be overwhelmed by the idea of a list all together and rely solely on memory. If anxiety can come from the future, a list of goals can become daunting, especially if accompanied by the thought that the list is impossible to complete or if self-doubt is in your mind.

The challenge this week will be to come up with goals that are small and attainable. If the list is too long or unrealistic, you may be setting yourself up for self-doubt. The message of the post today, is that personal negativity doesn’t have to exist unless you set yourself up for it in the case of goal setting. So re-evaluate your lists this week or create one that is small…1-3 items that can be realistically reached that you feel comfortable with. When those goals are met, be sure to celebrate! Maybe you celebrate with some positive affirmation, partaking in a hobby or indulging in a walk on the beach.