“What we do everyday matters more than what we do once in awhile”-Gretchin Rubin #habits #values #selfcare #mentalhealth #motivation

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Developing the daily habits we want in our lives is hard work, especially when we find ourselves doing things that do not match up to our inner needs/values.  When I found this quote it was one of those “woah!” moments.  It got me thinking about what I want to do daily that is missing from my life and how I see so many people who tell me everything that is missing from theirs.   I hear many things whether it’s connecting with someone, reading more, exercising or practicing therapy homework.  Change is hard.  Really hard…especially if you have a demanding job, a family to care for or your own personal struggles.

The challenge is to think about what is missing from your day that you want to add in.  Then, using a very intense psychological technique I like to call Nike therapy…just do it!  add it into your day, even if it’s only a minute.  So if you want to start meditating, set your smartphone timer for a minute and just focus on your breath.  If it’s reading, set your timer for a minute and read, even if it’s only one page, you did it!  If a minute works this week, next week try for 5.   This challenge will be for the next 2 weeks as I will be on vacation, so don’t forget and keep it going each day.  I believe in you and you are strong enough to do this!