“When you choose to enjoy the process, your happiness is no longer reliant upon an outcome”-Yehuda Berg #creativity #happiness #mentalhealth #mindfulness #goals #choice

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Often we believe we do not have a choice in how we think of something, but you always have a choice and that is the beauty of the mind!

Keeping with our theme of creativity, in those moments this week where you feel like you are doing something you do not like in order to get to an outcome (such as working out to lose 5lbs maybe), work on what you can do to make the process more enjoyable in your mind so you aren’t depending on the result.

So if you are on the treadmill and you tell yourself “I hate this” over and over then you most likely will not want to do it again and it will feel like the clock is going backwards.  However, maybe you put on a show that you watch while you walk, call a friend or listen to your favorite playlist…perhaps you’ll start enjoying walking and it will make getting to those results much more enjoyable!  Be creative and find any joy you can in whatever process you choose this week to work on.  🙂